Most Expensive Dog Today

Tibetan Mastiff cannot be found in numerous numbers in the world. It is thought that the breed originated in the northern part of China. In the western world like in the United Kingdom it was reported that only around four hundred of them can be found. The low numbers of the breed and the demand for it especially by the Chinese have driven the price up. In China this breed is really taken off but the enthusiasts of the breed are wealthy people. Even in Asia, people of Chinese descent are becoming interested in the breed. For the Chinese the Tibetan Mastiff is the symbol of strength and stability.

Another factor the most expensive dog is well demanded in China is because of the high price. These days, China is not like the China before. The robust economic growth of the country has made the people of China increase in living standard and prosperity. China has got the most millionaires in the world. Wealthy people in China equate high price with prestige and success. The reason the price paid for the most expensive dog by a coal baron was a testament of the prestige to own the breed and the success he obtained.

The food that the most expensive dog eats is carefully selected and followed. Apparently, it was told that the dog is only fed with chicken, beef, abalone and sea cucumber. The strict diet regime shows that the owner is concerned with the overall health and beauty of the dog. The part diet on abalone does add to the total cost of maintaining the dog.

criaderos de perros en medellin, the breed is regarded to be a holy breed by the Chinese. In the ancient times the Tibetan Mastiff was used to guard temples. Tibetan Mastiff has got good guarding instinct and capabilities. Besides, the people who cared for them are monks from the temples. Interaction of temples and monks bestowed to them holiness as the Chinese believed.

Finally, breeders in China and elsewhere are taking advantage of the high price of the breed. With the price of the breed at a high especially by the current sale that broke the world’s record on price dog breeders are breeding and selling the puppies at a high price. Some breeders even charge a high fee for a stud fee service. Apparently, the most expensive dog can command a stud fee of one hundred thousand Yuan for each stud service he performs.

The most expensive dog is indeed a red Tibetan Mastiff. It looks a bit like a lion and is a very sought after breed by the wealthy in China. Not many people have seen this breed worldwide but not anymore. With the publicity of the media with record the breaking sale price this breed is known worldwide as the most expensive dog.

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